Project Overview for NCR Lab Upgrade 2004



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Project Overview for NCR Lab Upgrade 2004 
All information has been changed to protect my employer

Overview of the C1 Lab at the NCR San Diego Campus
We created distributed patch panels from two central Cisco 6513 Switches with the Cisco Switch Fabric Cards (254 Gigabit Backplane)

Cisco 6513 with Switch Fabric Enabled

Cisco 6513 with Switch Fabric Enabled

We used Patch cables to the switches and then extended the reach with 25pair cables

Here is how we used 25 pair cables to move connections away from the switch to better support a 40,000sf Lab

Cisco 6513 Switch

Distribution Panel

Network Engineer: Migration Project from Shared Media to Switch Fabric for R&D Labs – 2004 – Deployed into 40,000sf of R&D labs that support the NCR hardware for the Teradata product line.  Deployment of Cisco’s 6513 switches with Switch Fabric Modules (SFM) were implemented to upgrade bandwidth from the existing 32 Gbps to 256 Gbps on the labs switching backplane.  The SFMs were used in all four 6500 switches located in the labs for additional capacity.  To disperse the ports, a system was devised to patch directly from the 48 port switch blades to 48 port patch panels.   Those connections were then moved via 8 Cat5 amphenol connected 50 pair cables to per patch panel in an areas in the labs that needed the ports.  This saved the expense of additional switches being located around the labs.  Cisco 45xx Switches were used in smaller labs.