Project Overview for Dallas Fire Department2008



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Project Overview for Dallas Fire Department2008 
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Lead Implementation & Support Engineer: Public Entity – Fire Department 2008 – Deployment of Cisco CallManager 7.x BE with Integrated Unity Connection 2.x –Cisco Voice design and deployment services. Providing Advanced IP Services and Network & Technology upgrades & installs for Advanced Projects. Current focus is Advanced VoIP (QoS) Infrastructure Design, Data transport over Copper Voice deployment with Cisco 79xx phones including Attendant Console and Informacast paging.  The solution had two PRIs, one at two different locations as backup to the other, with SRST & MGCP support for failure of CallManager, with two analog trunks at each gateway to handle any failure and provide outbound and 911 access.  One site was brought up in a CallManager Express solution until full deployment of the CallManager allowed for integration.  Trained the local IT staff on operations and manipulation of the system for self management.

Lead Implementation & Support EngineerPublic Entity – Fire Department 2008 – Deployment of POE Switching fabric to support VoIP solution for five public sector locations, with multiple VLANS for support of Data, Voice (QoS), Wireless, Secure Wireless, Video Surveillance and Management.  Applying this solution with as little disruption as possible to the customer in the production environment.  Paging solution support with routed multicast traffic to all sites.  Handed all data to ISPs WAN network for transport to remote sites.