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Jason B. Israel

4645 Sundance Circle
Cumming, GA 30028
m: 812.827.1641

Professional Summary

Vision-driven change agent with career-long record of network architecture, implementation, and project management for leading organizations

Proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with established new enterprise voice and solutions architecture paradigms to achieve maximum operational impacts with minimum resource expenditures. Results-focused thought leader with expertise spanning sales engineering, security and wireless solutions, vendor relations, pre-sales design, implementation plans, post-implementation support, cross-functional team leadership, complex problem-solving, technology research, process optimization, infrastructure development, technology solutions, and project management. Exceptionally dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.

Professional Experience

Tiverity, 2008 – Present

  • Assist in the formation of the Engineering division supporting VoIP, Video, LAN, MAN, WAN, Security & Wireless Architectures; roles include pre-sales, design, implementation, and post-deployment support.
  • Accompany sales representatives on every call to inform the customer of the design process and provide solutions, including project management of the implantation of the design.
  • Generate blueprints for multi-site deployment for Cisco CallManager 8.6(2) Business Edition solution.
  • Replace network vendor with new network design for the client after success with VoIP deployment; LAN and WAN redesign for clarity with optimization in mind.
  • Manage project for Chamber of Commerce for Cisco VoIP Deployment near Atlanta, GA. Serviced 4 companies with the Chamber in tenanted configuration emulating 5 separate phone systems in one using CallManager Express and Unity Express; provided conference bridging & voicemail to all tenets including Presence to the desktop and handset.
  • Direct project for an international corporation for VoIP, VMware Servers, and ASA Deployment; migrated Firewall/VPN with Cisco ASA, deployed with latest ASA-OS 9.1(2) and ASDM with customer training and management; deployed 3 Cisco C240 Servers with VMware 5.x and vSphere 5.x; upgraded and added Presence to CallManager BE 5K.
  • Oversee project for an international corporation for VoIP Deployment with the main site in Germany, and satellite sites in Pittsburg, PA, and Atlanta, GA; connections via a point-to-point network providing full windows domain integration and future support for Cisco CallManager Enterprise at the main location.
  • Facilitate project for an international corporation for VoIP Deployment with the main site in Atlanta, GA, and a satellite site in Sydney, AU. Connections via VPN QoS network providing full integration with 4 digit dialing to the remote site.
  • Lead project for international organization VoIP Deployment with the main site in Italy, and the satellite site in Atlanta, GA; connected via a point-to-point network providing full windows domain integration and future support for Cisco CallManager Enterprise at the main location with CallManager Express providing 4 digit dialing between locations.
  • Act as project lead for Atlanta, GA VoIP Deployment using a Cisco UC540 (CME) solution with wireless/remote access requirements, integration with Dell switches, and deployment of Cisco’s IP Communicator in a wireless environment.
  • Design the internal network for the company to implement a working phone system to support Tiverity staff as well as provide a demonstration area for clients when visiting the offices. Technologies implemented include new LAN design for Voice, Data, and Wireless traffic; provide the security required for protecting the network with Cisco ASA 5520 that also supports the VPN connectivity for the staff, including remote IP phones and access to internal training lab.
  • Outsource IT support for the entire company for main and multiple remote sites using Cisco VoIP phone system, Cisco Wireless, and Cisco ASA Firewall; manage outsourced Exchange email in a Windows and Macintosh environment.

AT&T, Dallas TX, 2008

  • Implemented and documented a Cisco IPT and IPCC (Cisco Unified Contact Center) solution for the financial division of a Department of Defense facility dealing with both current and former members of the US Military.
  • Documented Cisco IPT/IPCC/ICM/CVP environments for government and public sector customers; oversaw hardware deployment and software management in helping the team develop a way of streamlining the implementation process.
  • Collaborated with customers and vendors to achieve milestones within the contract, and to develop requirements for firewall access into and out of the departments Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Zone to facilitate the access required for Verint Ultra 10 deployment, with Screen & Voice recording as well as Work Force Management (WFM) with encryption; installation included ACH (Automated Clearing House) servers inside the PCI Zone.
  • Developed installation documentation and both logical and physical drawings of the environment, including the call and data flow to and from the systems; documentation included a custom installation process with the customer’s configuration settings; provided screen captures of the installation for both visual as well as procedural processes developed into an easy-to-follow guide to replicate installation.

Matrix Integration, Jasper IN, 2006 – 2008

  • Generated Corporate Voice and Data solutions using Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity and Cisco CallManager Express, HP/Compaq, and Mitel for Voice, Data, Wireless, & Video solutions into one managed network.
  • Implemented Voice, Video, Wireless, and Data networks to support both medium and large public and private sector organizations with the highest level of availability.
  • Deployed Cisco CallManager 6.x BE with Integrated Unity Connection 2.x –Cisco Voice design and deployment services; provided Advanced IP Services and Network & Technology upgrades & installs for advanced projects.
  • Initiated POE Switching fabric to support VoIP solution for five public sector locations, with multiple VLANs for support of Data, Voice (QoS), Wireless, Secure Wireless, Video Surveillance, and Management.
  • Installed Cisco Call Manager Express with integrated Unity Express into the clinic, replacing legacy phone system.
  • Assumed responsibility for deployment of Cisco Call Manager Express with integrated Unity Express into campus, replacing legacy phone system and supporting the expansion of campus with new offices and classrooms; integrated with HP Switching Fabric and multi-VLAN support for phones and data; trained the local IT staff on operations and manipulation of the system for self-management.
  • Integrated Cisco Call Manager Express with integrated Unity Express into new campus with Cisco switching fabric and multi-VLAN support for phones and data; Cisco 2811 is also the data link to the main site via T1 running BGP; provided an additional solution for small call center functionality for marketed registration services.
  • Replaced legacy phone system with Mitel 200 ICP phone system, integrated with Cisco Switches and Routers with PSTN analog lines as the trunks to inbound and outbound communications; DHCP changes to support Mitel phone system were required, as well as modifying each phone to provide communications to controller; integrated voice mail system also configured with auto-attendant.
  • Collaborated with the client, company, vendors, and subcontractors to install LAN/WAN/MAN and Telco connectivity.
  • Partnered with sales and project management teams to design total solutions that fit all customer requirements.

Convergence Systems, San Diego CA, 2006 – 2008

  • Built the IT department to enhance customer satisfaction and deployment of Voice, Data, HVAC, and Power requirements.
  • Managed Mitel VoIP phone systems, including SX-200 & 3300 ICP systems with Mitel Teleworker, Your Assistant, and SpectraLink wireless phone system.
  • Deployed Mitel 3300 ICP VoIP Enterprise PBX with POE Switching Fabric to provide a partitioned solution to users of the separate Video Editing Suites to have PBX powered phone system with a separate voicemail; solution included SMTP transfer of voicemail to email.
  • Generated a phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 ICP VoIP PBX with POE Switching Fabric to provide a small scale call center to respond to advertising in the mortgage market; give answer point then sent calls to associates as needed with full voicemail solution.
  • Introduced a phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 ICP VoIP PBX with POE Switching Fabric to provide access to clients and provide reporting of calls with access numbers for billing; once installed, additional features were provided to the operators and administrative assistant’s workstations (Mitel “Your Assistant”, thus giving Presence, Phonebook, and Chat to the operators and executive assistants.
  • Implemented a phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 ICP VoIP PBX with POE Switching Fabric and SpectraLink Wireless phones to support the veterinarians needs for mobility; a channelized PSTN T1 was used for communications and analog lines came off that connection for fax and low end wireless phones.
  • Created a phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 ICP VoIP PBX with POE Switching Fabric into a new environment on a separate network including private labeled switching fabric and PSTN T1 voice trunks; set up Auto Attendant and provided Presence for all of the management & office phones with phone based paging; integrated proprietary MOH solution into system.
  • Assumed responsibility for the deployment of a phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 ICP VoIP PBX with the Teleworker (Phone Proxy) remote VoIP solution to provide small customers VoIP PBX technology over the public internet; a partitioned system for four customers that required between 5-14 phones with voicemail and line presence.
  • Managed a PBX phone solution with a Mitel SX-200 using the Teleworker remote VoIP solution for 3-5 phones per site; phones were deployed with system-wide paging and line monitoring for management; solution utilized POE injectors at each site and worked with POW Switching Fabric at main site; ACD was used for call routing to each site as needed, utilizing system almost as a call center.

NCR Corporation, San Diego CA, 1997 – 2005

  • Assumed responsibility for projects including converting the San Diego campus from shared media to Cisco switched network using 65xx and 45xx Catalyst switches (COS & IOS) for over 5500 ports with Gigabit Uplinks to Core-Routers/Switches; assisted in deploying of Cisco VoIP along with the replacement of all Cisco switches to a Cisco 6513 with Inline Power (POE) at the San Diego Campus in an ongoing migration from the legacy Avaya PBX to a Cisco VoIP deployment.
  • Managed Windows NT Domain for San Diego campus with over 50 servers including User, DNS, DHCP, print services, and file services prior to a consolidation to Network Appliance NAC; migrated over 1400 hosts in San Diego to DHCP and 1200 hosts in Columbia, SC to DHCP then converted again from Microsoft DHCP server to NetID DNS/DHCP solution from Nortel.
  • Resolved network management needs for a large campus environment in conjunction with CiscoWorks 2000 to provide an end-to-end view of the campus network.
  • Stabilized existing network infrastructure and implemented the new POE Switching Fabric for Cisco CallManager deployment; migration included using two Core 6509 COS based switches with 720 Management Modules for redundant links to 24 65xx IDF switches.
  • Deployed Cisco’s 6513 switches with Switch Fabric Modules (SFM) to upgrade bandwidth from the existing 32 Gbps to 256 Gbps on the labs switching backplane.
  • Provided design and project management for the installation & implementation of a new DHCP infrastructure; collected the current Windows Server DHCP configurations and setup local servers that ran the new DHCP software.
  • Selected to join the Y2K team to address the upcoming transition of moving from year 1999 to 2000 (Big Round Number) for NCR’s west coast facilities; transition went without a problem thanks to our team upgrading all workstations, servers, and network equipment.
  • Garnered experience with the deployment of Microsoft SMS (Microsoft Systems Management Server) for workstation software deployment system; this was used for application deployment as well as patch and virus definition updates.

En Pointe Technologies, El Segundo CA, 1994 – 1997

  • Administered the site’s LAN with 3Com switches that supported the desktop, server farm, and troubleshooting network related issues.
  • Assumed responsibility for network security inside and outside the site, including abuse of LAN/WAN resources; assisted in the support of WAN by managing routers to establish Frame-Relay connections over fractional T1 lines to communicate with 12 remote sites and remote servers; traveled to all sites.
  • Managed Telco cloud for Fractional T1 Frame-Relay WAN, which was implemented on Cisco 25xx routers; provided day-to-day maintenance, change management, and full configuration support to remote sites.
  • Spearheaded the migration from a Windows 3.51 & Novell environment with local users to a Windows NT 4 Active Directory solution, including Backup Domain Controllers (BDC) at each site and replication of the domain database; provided day-to-day maintenance, change management, and full configuration support to remote sites including a backup strategy to robotic libraries.
  • Liaised with vendor (Compaq) to set up a solution for redundancy in case of server loss at the main site.
  • Provided and delivered specialized client solutions with the understanding of the ever-changing technology landscape through customer presentations and documentation.

Computer Land Info Systems, Torrance CA, 1990 – 1994

  • Assisted in automating warehouse inventory management with integration of Symbol bar code readers directly into inventory accounting system. This system tied into the entire accounting system for support of Just In Time, FIFO, and LIFO inventory management.
  • Facilitated the management and setup of rental programs for large corporate customers, technology shows, and high-tech educational classrooms. 
  • Supported marketing and sales departments with desktop publishing skills; acted as the Technical Consultant for the sales staff and went on sales calls to provide a technical resource to both the customer and the salesperson.
  • Travelled to all six remote sites to do Hard Disk, RAM, and OS upgrade on all field systems within the company.

Long Beach Navy Exchange, Long Beach CA, 1986 – 1990

  • Provided military personnel with computer hardware and software for home and when on deployment; performed basic troubleshooting to the client as well sales options with different forms of credit choices.
  • Directed by the primary vendor at the time (Apple Computer) to run sales incentives programs that helped increase sales; provided further incentives to customers to purchase warranty plans (AppleCare) that added to the profitability of each sale.
  • Assumed responsibility for the management of all inventories for the computer electronics department, including demo and returned products and managing the logistics of returning items back to the vendor and distribution centers.


Education and Credentials

Acclivus BASE Sales Training Certificate, 1994

Dale Carnegie Course Sales Certificate, 1987

Dale Carnegie Course Certificate, 1986

High School Diploma, 1984

Milliken High School


Awards and Honors

  • NCR Contractor of the Year: 1998

Additional Information

Technical Proficiencies: Cisco CCIE Voice Certified (Written 06/13) with Specialist in all networking areas within an Enterprise Implementation of New Enterprise Voice & Video Architecture including Pre-Sales Design, Implementation Plans, and post implementation support.  Design and Implementation of Cisco CallManager Business Edition (BE) 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x based on C2XX Servers and VMWare Host Servers, Cisco CallManager CUCM 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11x Enterprise with Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco CallManager Express and Unity Express 7.x, 8.x & 9.x IOS Based PBX, Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) and Cisco Wireless Controllers.


Interests: Reading, Audiobooks and Family